In the beginning, there was an idea. The idea gives rise to a project. A project became an affair of the heart. And the realisation grew that the passionate will to do something good over the long term also requires a firm structure: the DER Touristik Foundation!

Since 2014, we’ve shown lasting commitment to less developed tourist destinations through the DER Touristik Foundation by

  • giving children in remote areas the chance to go to school
  • affording young people with the opportunity of vocational training
  • promoting women and
  • supporting animal welfare and nature conservation.
DER Touristik Foundation e.V.

What We want: To Combat Poverty, Create Perspectives, Protect Nature and Animals

The starting point was construction projects in Africa and Asia. This was followed by vocational training projects. And of course, it had to include nature and species conservation initiatives.

Together with other associations, foundations and aid organisations, the DER Touristik Foundation champions the promotion of education of children and young people, the preservation of ecological habitats and biodiversity along with sustainable development aid. This creates future prospects for both people and animals. Because the world should offer everyone a decent quality of life.

It is always a case of helping people to help themselves. Always very specifically, on-site.

Achievements since 2014

92 projects in 28 countries on five continents, of which

  • 69x school construction
  • 11x education
  • 6x animal welfare
  • 6x environmental protection

More information about DER Touristik Foundation can be found here.